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Hi! I am Shruti Dutt

I am a casting director based in Mumbai, and the owner of Casting Gurus, Having been a Casting Director for nearly a decade, I am surrounded by actors most the time. I have known many different kinds of actors through my years in the industry, they are some of the most hardworking people I have met. But having known them so closely and seeing them trying to find their way in this business, I always felt that at some point I would want to help them cut out the noise and share knowledge that came from experience and not conjecture and help them find their way in this journey. Part of my growing passion today is educating actors, not on how to act or to teach acting, but on the business of acting and how to become a working actor. Truly, if through my initiatives, even a few actors path to getting acting opportunities becomes easier or their struggle to live their dream and survive this career becomes easier, I can go to my bed happy. Due to this in 2023, I wrote the book “Casting Call” (30 + most common casting questions by actors answered), not to toot my own horn but if you are an Indian Actor trying to breakthrough in this industry you need to grab a copy now! And with the same thought late last year I also started the one-on-one mentorship session and have just begun offering consulting sessions to actors to address any query they might have about casting, or their own careers, details of which you can find when you scroll down. For me its immensly important to be able to empower actors in their journey and something that I will keep striving for. So check out my offerings below!



30 + most common casting questions by actors answered(Paper Back)

Ever wondered what it takes to be an Actor? What auditions are and how to give them effectively? How to approach a casting director? How to prolong or break through the rut in your growing acting career? Let a casting director with nearly a decade of experience in the field answer you’re most thought-of questions as an actor.

Book Description

Casting Call (30 most common questions by actors answered) is a handy guidebook to know and understand the process, the behind-the-scenes of what goes into landing an acting gig and being an actor. Here’s a sneak peek on some of the questions you can find answers to in the book:

  • What to consider before taking up acting professionally?
  • How to approach a casting director
  • What is an actor profile and what details should be shared in a profile?
  • How can an actor survive financially?
  • How to leverage your social media to increase your visibility and build your brand?
  • What mistakes to avoid while giving an audition?
  • How to make effective self-tapes?
  • How to break through from getting typecast?
  • Differences between theater and camera acting?

And many more. The book also has a bonus section that shares the most commonly used terms in the casting process and their meanings along with some acting exercises to hone your craft. Use this book as a guiding light to shorten your “struggle period”, prolong your career, and course correct when needed. Shruti Dutt brings her experience and expertise in this concise guide to give you clarity on everything you need to know about the exciting journey of being an actor.

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